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Originally Posted by blueguydotcom View Post
Um...nobody leases 3s for 4 years. When I optioned up a 328i and looked at ED, MSDs, etc the final rang up around:

MSRP: 44995
ED with 700 profit: 39875
MF: 0.00176
Residual: 65%
Sales Tax: 7.75
MSDs: $3150 (450 X 7, but I think this would probably be 400 X 7)
Lease fees: 800
Payment: $449.19
Total cash outlay: 16971

Same car purchased ED:
Purchase 39875
Full purchase price w/Tax: 42965
Cash down: 5000
Loan amount: 37965
60 month loan at 1.79% (Navy Federal): 661.96
Total payments over 36 months: 23830.56
Total expenditures including down payment: 28830.36
Realistic value of 3 series after 3 years - 55%: 24747
Total owed on loan: $15594
Difference in your favor: 9153
Total spent over 3 years: $19677

Purchase for the short-term on a BMW isn't usually so good as they support the heck out of their leases.

Longterm - yes, the loan is the way to go.
We can both make figures do anything we want - I would pay cash (and it's sitting in a tax free bond fund not earning very much). So very simply (using your example) - let's say I lose a $1,000 on inerest never earned - so the car costs me $43K + 1K = $44K - and you say it's worth 55% after three years (I actually think closer to 60% but we'll use 55%) - so after three years I have a car worth almost $25,000 - and I have spent $19,000. So I have spent $2K more than you but I have an asset worth $25K - and you have nothing!

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