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Originally Posted by Majikthese42 View Post
I have the 7/70 extended warranty on my E91. Considering how funky BMW electricals have become, it isn't all that expensive. My rule-of-thumb has been to figure on at least $1k in annual out of warranty repairs for a typical Eurocar, $2k+ for a Porsche.

Both the Audi and BMW are likely to dwarf the typical Lexus or Acura in out of warranty repair costs.

I would be uncomfortable taking my Sawzall to a leased car.
My 2000 A6 cost $2,000 every year when the state inspection was due like clockwork, and the extended warranty company on my 2004 Touareg, which was traded in with 97,000 miles on it probably lost twice what the car cost in repairs. That thing was a bitch... 2 air suspension replacements, stepper motors, electronics and not to mention a $1200 set of tires every 15k. Got our moneys worth out of that one.

You'd be surprised at how much Lexus and Acura repair bills can be. I know a lot of people whose MDX transmissions went out from 60-75k and who have had some significant bills.