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Originally Posted by Kamdog View Post
As it turns out, 2003 was a terrible car year for me. I had to buy three cars. So I bought my daughter a Civic, my wife a CR-V, and myself an Accord. When they were all paid off, I gave my daughter the Accord, sold the Civic, and bought my 535.

The Accord and Cr-V are still going strong, and the 535 is paid off too.

This is an important side of buying. Once you buy something, you own it. I now have three cars and no payments, rather than some 1500 a month in lease payments for the cars.
Oh I'm not talking about the wife too. Just my cars. My wife is awesome about cars. She buys and holds for 7-10 years. I'm not that guy. Wish I could be. Her horrible audi will probably be in our garage for 2-3 more years. In that time I'll at least get another car. Probably 2.