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MUST READ: Help us help you!! Please read BEFORE posting in the E30 Section

This is especially for the newcomers to this forum, but it does apply to some of the established members too!

When asking a question about your car, please provide as much detail as possible. for example

Car: 320i Touring
Year: 1993
Vin number: xx00000
Euro / Jap / US New: Euro
Options ie: Manual... Auto
The list could go on & on ...dependent on the problem you might have

You might like to input this information into your signature as I have done (at time of writing), so you can skip most of this step

By now I think you should get the drift. We need as much info as you can give us

And a description of what the actual fault is or a pic

Questions that are limited to "my car stopped!! what will I do ??? what is it ??? it runs horrible...." Wont get answered.... call AAA if thats all the information you can give us.

We cant help with alot of the problems you have on a forum, especially if the fault needs proper diagnostic evaluation. We can help by suggesting what you should do, or who to go to, depending on tha area you live in.

This is not a rant... we are all happy to help anyone on here where we can . But please help us as well

Please also remember that diagnosing problems is hard on the internet, and members will tend to only think about it for less than a minute before posting, so the real answer may not come up straight away, if at all

and finally, as a general rule, if you have to ask beginner questions about a turbo install/engine conversion/gearbox conversion.. you are not ready to do this to your car. research, research, research. then when you think you're ready but still have a few questions .. research some more. only then ask questions. An answer to anything that falls into this catagory can be found on this site, as well as others.

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