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Originally Posted by Kilgore Trout View Post
If I'm gather from this thread, I can start the car up, plug in the code and first disc, and go for a two or three hour drive (pulling over to swap discs when necessary)
That is correct. But you don't even have to do that. You can start the install and even if you have to shut the car off, it will pick up where it left off. I was installing disc #3 of 3 and there was obviously an issue with the burned copy I had because it got stuck at 88% and said the disc couldn't be read. So I had no choice but to eject the disc and burn a new one. I figured I would have to start from scratch when I started it up again, but when I restarted the car (several hours later) I got the prompt that an update was in progress. It then asked me for disc 1 again. Popped that in and it read it, jumped to 33% done, and immediately asked for disc 2. Ejected disc 1 and inserted disc 2 and it read it, jumped to 67% and immediately asked for disc 3. Ejected disc 2 and inserted disc 3 and it read it, jumped to 88% (where it left off before the bad sectors on the old disc) and picked up from there. It finished the install, rebooted, and all was fine.

This leads me to believe that there is enough space allocated on the hard drive for a complete install of new map data without overwriting the old data, since I could still view the old maps while the install was taking place. I think the system doesn't touch the old data at all until the update is 100% installed and verified and then during the reboot it deletes the old and points the system to the new files.

Also, except for the initial prompt for the FSC code when I first started the system it never asked me for the code again, even during the subsequent resuming of install. That must also be stored with the new map data.
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