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For the cross-linked record, there is a discussion of the $155 AGM batteries for the E39 here today:
- E39 (1997 - 2003) > Battery Question

Originally Posted by bmw_n00b13 View Post
My car has had a few no-starts due to a flat battery; I'm not entirely sure of the cause but the battery is 5 years old, so assuming it fails a battery test when I get a tester, I'm looking for a replacement.

The subject has been beaten to death; I know the standard response is the duralast 49-dl, but I'm interested in something that may be able to handle more abuse. I make a lot of short trips with long sitting periods in between, and occasional long 2+hr highway trips.

I'm wondering if it's possible and worthwhile to install an AGM battery or if the E39 charging system won't support it. Any experiences?

I'd love to get a true OEM Varta but they're not available in north America.
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