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Originally Posted by kneebiters View Post
I paid $1,000 over invoice for my 2012 335i. You may be able to do better than that, but I would say at best you would get $750 over invoice. There was a guy who responded to my thread that he got $1,000 UNDER invoice (which seems doubtful), but that was on a 2011, not a 2012.
One thing I would add. I did an ED in 2003, and felt fairly confident then that I actually knew the true cost to the dealer for a given car of a given configuration. Times have changed a little since then, and I am not sure that the resources that we have at our disposal actually represent the dealer's cost. I say that because (as you will see in my post above), I had to use the old Rizzo method and shop my 2003 deal to about 9 dealers. I eventually bought the car from a dealer in Maryland, despite the fact that I live in Massachusetts.

Fast forward to 2012. Armed with the invoice prices from, I got my LOCAL dealer, who is not a sponsor of this board, to do the deal I was looking for with very little effort. I couldn't get that same dealer to even talk to me in 2003, despite doing the same nominal deal.

I am betting that the "confidential" invoice prices that we have access to now represent some kind of member discount, but I don't think that they actually represent the dealer's acquisition cost. Just my gut feeling -- no science behind it, other than my recent experience compared against my 2003 experience.

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