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@ bluebee. I did not get a pic of the radiators but I did set them out side by side and they were identical. It was listed on the website as an OEM replacement and since I had already blew 200 on the expansion tank install, I figured I would give it a shot. From the reviews I read CSF is known more for racing high performance, but I could not get a word yeah or nay on longevity. I'll be the first.

I also did try the 1 1/4 wrench and I could not get it on the nut. I ended up finding the 32mm and tool store for tractor trailers. Could not find it anywhere else.

I tried several different ways on the counterhold but I could not get a good enough hold to break the nut. 3 hits with the hammer and that was it. The wrench made a big target.

On the nipple, with that clip broken there was no way to keep it on. I did not even see when it broke. I guess thats another reason to do it all at one time. I was fighting it but that break gave me no choice but to follow through.

@uncmozo. To be the clear, I put about three or four coats of epoxy on that nipple but I could not get a total seal. The best I could get it down to a small intermitent bubble. Over the course of two weeks the bubble became a full blown leak. It discolored the epoxy and broke the seal. By the looks of it I figure it may have held the pressure about another week. When I pulled it off when I removed the radiator, it came right off. The epoxy I purchased was rated up to 2500psi? there was another that was rated up to 3500 psi. Maybe that one would have held better?

I am not saying that the epoxy won't work on something else, but it appears that direct contact with antifreeze at high pressure is a no go.

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