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Numerous threads exist on this topic; this one and this one are a couple recent ones where you might start.

In general, BMW's and MINI's can be very reliable -- or very problematic if they are not maintained well; neither is extremely tolerant of neglect. If you're used to American or Japanese cars that seem to run and run without even changing the oil regularly, and plan to treat a MINI the same way, you're probably not going to be happy with it. On the other hand, all other things being equal, and you are diligent about keeping up with maintenance and repairs (the costs of which can be on the pricey side), you should be fine.

Just for your edification, the 2005 MINI's you're considering are sometimes referred to as Gen[eration] 1 or Mk I MINI's, whereas the 2007 is a Gen[eration] 2 or Mk II MINI.

Another discussion forum where you might get more detailed information on the MINI is North American Motoring, which is dedicated to the MINI brand.

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