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Originally Posted by windsor027 View Post
go with the lease if:

You drive less than 12,000 miles per year (which i do)
usually like a new car every 3 years (yeap thats me)
don't like to deal with selling a used car (who has time for that?)

the other advantages as people have said is you get to drive your leased car and if its a lemon or gets in an accident you can turn it in at the end of the lease no questions asked. Yea wear and tear can also set you back but I don't think anyone in here would not take care of their Bimmers.

In addition don't forget maintenance costs after the 4 years/50,000 miles. My 2008 X5 had an electrical issue, they had to essentially change computer, wiring etc to fix it. Over 4,500 dollars repair, cost to me zero under warranty. Imagine if you don't have extended warranty on your car.
Just when you think that the thread is finished - they drag me back in!

Don't forget perpetual lease payments!