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Originally Posted by terri_atl View Post
Hi all, sorry been swarmed with work for the past many days. Meant to post an update here sooner.

The BMW engineer came to my condo and ran some tests on my car. All seems to be working great. The car was sleeping soundly. The alternator seemed to be doing its work, the charging level is 14.3 The voltage when the car was sleeping - 12.73V (if I remembered correctly). I am pretty sure he said it was voltage of a 99% charged battery.

He hooked up many cables, put in a gadget and left but to return in an hour. He drove up n parked next to my car and said he would charged my car battery while he rana test so that my car battery would not deplete any of mine as a result. So he hooked up his laptop n started generating data. He mentioned there are 60 computers in my car, and the full data was 50 pages long. The data would tell him everythingabout the car for the last 45 days. He said he would look through them n if he sees any abnormality, he would call me.

Told him I haven't gotten the reimbursement for the battery and the service center scratched my steering wheel. He said he would talk to the service director on Monday when he was scheduled to visit. He would also make sure the scratched part would be taken care of.

On Monday he called back and said the reimbursement check has been sent and I should receive it this week. He was being told the check needed two signatures so that took quite a bit of time. He also said the next time when I was due for service (oil change), to remind my SA that my scratched leather needs to be fixed. He said he has make sure that has been placed in my file.

The engineer has been so kind n helpful. I feel really grateful knowing he is always going to be around to help

So hopefully my car will be happy from now onwards and not give me any same issue again *fingers crossed*
To sum it up the battery was replaced and no other issues found?
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