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Here is a step by step instructions... again very easy...

First you need to attach the wire that has a hook on it and not a square thing (you will see that in other pictures) to the battery hot lead. This is streamy simple, simply take a socket wrench and loosen the nut and put the ring over it and put the nut back on....

Ok.. next I removed the plastic side piece on the left side of the car (left side if you are looking at the engine.) The is really easy to do, basically the small plastic pin needs to be pulled out (needle nose pliers work very well). Once the pin is removed you have to remove the plastic housing too. There is about 8 of these and the plastic cover comes off.

Next you have to find a good ground, the one I choose in the picture below required me to make the ring a little bigger. This ring is connected to the small black box as seen in the pictures... that is how you can tell positive from the negative

next run the wires into the left light (actually the right light if you are in the drivers seat). You need to install the bulb at this point and drill a 1/2 inch hole in the plastic cover. I used a 1/2 flat wood drill bit.. took about 5 seconds. Ok.. it is important to know that the two bulbs are different... one bulb has a single wire coming out with the flat butt wire connector... and the other has two of these. One one that goes into the left light (right light if you are sitting in the car) is the one with the two wires...... and this will match up correctly with the wiring harness. I also mounted the ballast in there as well.. fits really nice

Run the wire in the void above the radiator... see picture below...

And again... do the same thing for the right light (actually the left lights if sitting in the drivers seat).

If you guys have any questions... feel free to PM me with your phone number.. .and I will give you a call...

Hope this helps...
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