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Looking for feedback on JB+ or JB4 on 335i with other MODs

(Hah! Joined in 2005 and this is my first post. How's that for lurking?)

My E46 330i was totaled a couple of weeks ago and I picked up a 2008 E90 335i with 55k miles. It has sport/premium and Nav, with Steptronic+ paddle shifters and is otherwise in stock condition. I love the car and was looking for a modest improvement in hp/acceleration. This is my DD/kid hauler and not a track/strip car... I just like it to go like a bat out of hell when I punch it...

So I have been reading posts on different websites and it seems the best bang for the buck is the Berger tuning JB+ or possibly the JB4. I live in San Diego and we have crappy 91octane gas/10%ethanol here so I don't know that I want to go all out with a JB4.

As for other mods I was considering the drop in airfilter for the stock airbox or the dual cone intake and a FMIC upgrade.

What would be a good FMIC upgrade? I was looking at the AA ($1095) or the Stett FMIC ($1021) as they are quite a lot bigger, but I don't know if I need all that for the modest improvements I am looking for. Then there is the AMS for $900, or the CP-e for $839, the HPF for $995 and the Helix for $969... I would be looking for something that is a bolt on without any cutting so it seems the Helix and HPF would be good choices, but worth $100+ over the CP-e that Berger tuning sells (for the amount of improvement I am looking at)?

Option 1: JB+ with drop in air filter
option 2: JB+ with Burger DCI
option 3: JB+ with Burger DCI+ FMIC (which one???)
option 4: JB4 with Burger DCI+ FMIC (which one???)

I am not looking to change the exhaust, down pipes, etc at this point... I still have two years of CPO warranty and BMW full maintenance plan..

So let me know what works or point me in a different direction for me to research... Any issues with the AT transmissions handling the increased horsepower that comes from a tune?


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