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X3 washer fluids leak- urgent help needed


Im new to this forum so apologies if I sound naive.
I am no expert but dont mind dabbling in DIY I have done searches and identified that I probably have a washer fluid leak somewhere in my BMW x3 2004 (3.0 sport auto).
Originally I noticed the black tube(approx 5mm) that is attached to one of the pumps (RHS if looking at the car head on) was off and water was leaking out of the hole, so I reattached it. The front washer works fine, there is no water in the rear washer- there is a sound of a pump working when stalk is pushed back.

Since reattaching the pipe I cannot see any leak at the tank.
We have since had some icy weather and I wonder if ive caused a problem, There is a smell of washer fluid in the car but the carpets are all dry.
I have checked under the plastic trim at the rear near the spoiler and it appears dry and no loose tubes.
I am uncertain of opening up the centre console/lifting seats etc but if the carpets are dry is it worth looking under there?

Now the really silly problem, whilst fiddling with the tank I dropped screwdriver bit ( small attachment for end of magnetic screwdriver) into the tank. I can see it, the tank is now empty( leaked somewhere) and I cant figure out how to get the metal bit out!
Does the black lid of the tank come off??
If I could get the metal out of the tank Im considering disconnecting the rear washer and leaving just front pump on.

Any ideas on what I ought to do appreciated as I have no intention(yet) of paying to have this fixed.

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