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Originally Posted by Verts4Ever View Post
I think it would look fantastic, but the LCI -- Lifecycle Impulse, BMW's term for facelifted -- angel eyes are OEM, not an upgrade. If you don't already have the LCI angel eyes, I would think that at a minimum you'd have to swap out the headlight assemblies.
And that is for all intents and purposes impossible to do (see below).

Originally Posted by fordperf View Post
So so how can I tell if I have the LCI angel eyes? I have the Xenon headlights and halos, but is there a defining characteristic of them being LCI angel eyes?
Fordperf -
The very first question you have to answer is what body style is your car? From another thread I ascertained it is a 2009 335ix, but is it a sedan or a coupe? If your 2009 is a coupe - it is not an LCI as the coupe and cabrio did not receive their LCI until MY2011. If your car is a sedan, it received its LCI in 2009 but the new for 2009 headlight housing design for the sedan is still different and incompatible with the coupe/cabrio LCI headlight housing design. Either way from what I understand, retrofitting is if not impossible, then insanely expensive. Here are a few reasons.

1) If your car is a sedan (E90), then the headlight housings are completely different from from the headlight housings for the coupe and convertible. So different in fact, that access to the angel eyes is through the front fender as opposed to through the top of the housing under the hood.

2) Even if your car is a 2009 coupe, the headlight system in the LCI coupes and cabrios is very different in design which is one of the reasons the LCI angel eyes on the 2011 forward coupes and cabrios look so incredible. There was some chatter a while ago that supposedly retrofits might eventually be available, but considering how hot a topic the LED angel eyes has become, I've never seen anything more posted about it. That tells me it was wild a$$ guessing or conjecture.
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