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Originally Posted by iwanna330cic View Post
Just wondering who has driven (bought/leased) one of the new I-4 turbo models?
We took an sDrive20i out on a 2 1/ 2 hour test drive. The 20i is the same N20 engine as the 28i de-tuned to 184HP.

We liked it well enough to place an order. I strongly recommend a test drive. If possible, get the car for an entire day. My first impression was not positive but it grew on me.

It sounds like a four cylinder.

There is no turbo lag. Both engines are flat rated. They hit full power and torque early in the power curve and stick there. The de-tuned 20i is "flatter".

Flat rating makes the engine feel more powerful than the HP and Torque numbers. It also makes the car stupid easy to drive.

Smooth as the I-6? No. The N20 is smoother than most inline-4 engines. BMW must have done a lot of work with balance.

Does it feel like a 4 up front? Not so much. I felt isolated from the 'grunt' part of the motor. The difference is more in sound than feel.

On the plus side, the N20 takes about 40lbs of weight off the front of the car and uses less fuel.

EDIT: Just noticed this is a 3 month old thread.... Might as well leave my reply up.
The models and equipment (standard and optional) illustrated in this post reflect my misunderstanding of vehicles supplied by BMW AG to the German market. In other EU member states, the truthyness of my posts may vary. Please ignore this post. Subject to change.

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