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For the record, there is a good discussion on what causes wiper blade chatter over here today:
- E39 (1997 - 2003) > Noisy Skipping Windshield wipers

Originally Posted by BruceSEA993 View Post
The reason wipers chatter and skip is the blade is not perpendicular to the glass.

When the wiper sweeps one way it is smooth as it is not leaning into the glass. On the return it is leaning into the glass and chatters. Changing blades and arms sometimes can help but doesn't fix the problem.

You can look at this by turning off the key while the wipers are on and stop them in the area where they chatter. You should be able to see the blade "leaning" into the glass.

To fix them, twist the arm (the part attached to the motor post being careful not to torque the motor) so the rubber blade is at right angles to the glass. I have used a couple of crescent wrenches with a shop rag over the wiper to protect the black finish.
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