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hope this helps someone, got it from alldata, let me know if it works

SI B65 15 11
Audio, Navigation, Monitors, Alarms, SRS

September 2011
Technical Service

CIC-HDD: Audio Output Has Dropouts or Distortions During Playback

All models with option 609, (Navigation System Professional, CIC)

When a CD or DVD is inserted into the Car Information Computer (CIC) internal DVD drive, the audio output can have dropouts or distortions during playback.


These audio output dropouts and/or distortions only occur if the inserted CD or DVD was already copied onto the CIC internal Hard Disc Drive (HDD) and when this CD or DVD has copy protection.

As soon as a copy-protected CD or DVD was copied onto the HDD, the audio output dropouts and/or distortions also occur without a CD or DVD being inserted into the CIC internal DVD drive!


The CIC internal HDD recognizes the inserted CD or DVD as already copied onto the HDD and will play the music from the HDD database and not from the CD or DVD.

Therefore the music data copied from the copy protected CD or DVD onto the HDD can be corrupted and cause the audio output dropouts and/or distortions during playback.

CDs or DVDs that are played back in the CIC internal DVD drive but are not copied onto the HDD do not show this behavior.

Do not replace parts and do not perform any repair attempt!

This is normal operation of the entertainment system.

Delete the music data stored on the CIC internal HDD and play the music directly from the CD or DVD inserted into the CIC internal DVD drive.

Please explain the behavior of the entertainment system to the customer.

This Service Information bulletin provides technical and diagnostic information only.
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