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Originally Posted by tony35 View Post
I still have a (slightly modified ) 2003 MCS, while driving a new 3-er as well. I LOVE my MINI! No issues whatsoever - but to be frank, I upgrade my parts faster than they'd have a chance to degrade. Easy to wash? tick. Easy on petrol? Wouldn't say so. Actually it strongly prefers 98 or more octane fuel, and happily drinks 10 (absolute minimum on normal city conditions) to 15 L /100km.
Hi, tony! I couldn't convert liters to gallons, and your 98 raised my eyebrows. We have 93 octane, and I used to get 32-33 mpg city, which is considered excellent, and nearly 40 mpg on the highway. Few other vehicles get that. The Toyota Prius supposedly gets some 55 miles to the gallon, but then if it has to be hooked up to electricity, that isn't cheap either. To me, it's six of one, half dozen of the other. I tried the medium grade gas, but didn't get the same mileage.
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