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Mein Auto: 2002 - 330Ci
I hadn't seen this thread until I saw it linked from fanatics.

My car is a 2002 330Ci and originally had a post 2001/09 ZF auto in it. At around 145k miles I noticed an odd change in rmp at cruising. Engine revs would jump by about 200-300 rpm and stay at the higher rpm. When cold, for about 5 minutes it wouldn't change rpm at all. Then when crusing on the freeway it would jump 200-300rpm and did this constently for about another 5k miles. Then it started to randomly throw a code that couldn't be read by the Peake reader. but after a few starts the SES would turn off. Eventually I used the O'Reilly's code reader and came up with a P0741 - Torque converter or clutch solenoid.

Long story short I converted over to a manual 6-speed. Upon pulling the auto out and inspecting the torque converter, the seal had hairline cracks in it, causing it to leak under slight pressure.

I sold the transmission and it's still living on in another members car with another 25k miles on it. YMMV
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