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Hey everyone - here is the update I promised. Sorry it's a little late, I have a lot on my plate right now.

DISA Valve Kit:
  • The titanium hardware is due in by the 20th but will still need secondary machining operations performed. Basically they are titanium screw blanks and we will be adding the threads and and turning down the pin end.
  • I am currently out of flapper valves and bell cranks since I only made a few pieces in the first run. Please don't try to buy the kit unless you are OK with it being a "pre-order". I am currently setting up for a run of 50 sets each of the 3.0L and 2.5L kits. They should be ready around the same time that the hardware comes in. I hope to have plenty of complete kits ready to ship by the end of the month.

CCV Valve:
  • I received a couple samples of silicone material for the vacuum diaphragm and have made a contact with a supplier that has every version of the stuff know to man in stock. I will be requesting some more samples from them and picking their brains a little on suggestions of material for the application. For now this project is on hold until the DISA kits are on the self and the website has all the necessary information updated.

VANOS seals:
  • I contacted Beisan Systems about carrying their seal kits. I respect want he has done with that common problem, and the only way I could do my own seal kit would be to copy what he is doing. I hate it when someone does that to me so as long as they are willing to supply me with seals I will offer their product on my site. I want to work toward the site becoming a "one stop" place to address most of the common BMW problems, which means we need to offer VANOS seal kits.

Other Products:
  • Several other things are in the works, but only in the concept stages at this point. The website will be kept up to date on new stuff, as will this forum where my homies hang out.

  • I'm trying to add content daily. I had a "Buy it Now" button up for about 12 hours to check the link out and 2 people bought kits even though the page said "under construction". I took that as encouraging news but I still had to email them and tell them that the kits weren't ready yet. I'm going to try to finish the DISA Valve page on the site tonight and I will put the "Buy it Now" button back up, but with really big and bold text stating that any purchase will be a preorder and will not ship until the end of the month.
  • Those of you that have visited the site will have noticed the "Porsche" button on the navigation header; that part of the product development will be headed by Andy, my partner in this new venture. He's a Porsche guy and will be covering the inferior side of the business. He also works normal hours, has a wife, and a full time job, so I would expect to see 10 BMW products for every one Porsche product introduced.

Keep the questions and comments coming.

Your humble workaholic,


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