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Radar detectors and the F01/02

I recently took delivery of a new 2012 750Lix. A ritual of sorts, is normally hardwiring a Valentine One into every new vehicle to provide many hours of "uninterrupted" motoring!

To my dismay, it seemed that somehow the police had already targeted my sparkling new white car after driving off the dealer lot, as the Valentine was screaming constantly. I finally shut it off and crept home and into the garage. There I tried to power up again... and after about 20sec the same thing happened. Was the police staking out my garage?? I think not! (I would hope they'd have better things to do).

So, then began the internet search... After countless theories and speculations I finally discovered the answer... No it wasn't Siri on my iPhone 4S... nor was in the GPS/Nav antenna.

It was the car!! It was measuring its own speed and reporting back to the nearest poise cruiser!! No not really! They can't do that yet... I hope... lol.

Actually it turns out to be the Lane Change warning system (if equipped) that is always on as a safety feature whether you enable or disable.

So what's the work around... In the Fxx series Bimmer the Valentine is as worthless as a brick! It seems as good as it is... it is very antiquated when it comes to the sophisticated anti collision devices being installed in new cars. Hopefully they will come out with a fix soon, or risk going out of business.

In the meantime, try the Escort 9500ix... Wow, they've come a long way since the old Escort I used circa 1985-1995.

Not only does the new Passport work well in this car, but it learns repetitive false signals from garage openers as well as alarms and the like, and it even warns you of radar traps and red-light cameras from a national database that you can add to and update. Do I miss the directional indication of the radar signal? Yes. But there are so many other features that blow away the Valentine. I'm actually glad that it didn't work in my new car, or I might never have tried the Passport!

That's my opinion at least. I'm sure other radar detectors may work as well... but I know for sure the Passport does! I hope this helps!

Good luck out there... and happy "uninterrupted" motoring!!!
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