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I always park on the center stand just to avoid the blue smoke... I also thought it worth mentioning that a old fuel filter will cause the surging you described. The first time it happend to me was in a very slow tight turn and I almost dropped the bike, after many weekends of tinkering and looking searching and adjusting a buddy at work suggested fuel filter. It had not been that long since I had changed mine so It didnt even dawn on me to check it... I must have had some crap fuel or something because when I took it off and turned it over black fuel came out! I replaced the filter and only days later my other bike (almost same bike as the first) that I had been riding in lue of my LT started the same studder and strange idling. Same thing with the fuel filter and ever since I have bought my fuel at a different station and no probs since. Its Cheep enough and easy enough to check so I thought I would mention it.
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