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Originally Posted by eparayno View Post
Jason a pressure check valve is needed if the system is recirculated, in my case it is just vented to the atmosphere. And the distribution piece is still in place I just have the vacuum ports capped until I have more time to remove the CCV hoses and the CCV unit itself and fab up a hose to run to the catch can.

I will probably get everything done by next week, the next few days will be busy. All that's left to do is:
1. remove CCV and hoses associated
2. cap the inlet on the dipstick tube used for the CCV
3. replace o-ring on dipstick tube (might as well, lots of sludge around it)
4. fab up a hose to use on the distribution piece that connects BOTH inlets and attach that to the catch can.

I want to use both vacuum ports on the distribution piece due to Poolman reporting running rich by just using one port.
Right, I understand what you have installed now.

My thinking is that in order to have the car run correctly, you need to have pressure in the system, thus connecting to the air distribution piece/ intake manifold.

Concerning the 2 hose connection inlets on the air distribution piece...
Why don't you just cap the smaller inlet, then run the main hose from the catch-can to the larger inlet on the air distribution piece?
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