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Originally Posted by doru View Post
Removing it and replacing with a home brewed system - prolly doesn't work well. Sometimes BMW engineers Do know WTF they're doing.

Crankcase vacuum increases ring piston seal, reduces oil leaks, and improves oil flow within the block.

I personally believe the BMW I6s need a little MORE vacuum in the crankcase than stock rather than less. I say this b/c when I've installed dry sump systems with multistage scavenge pumps the I6 motors tend to see around a 15% increase in power on the dyno. Oil pressure drops slightly and generally lower oil temps follow as well.

As to those wanting to eliminate the mayonnaise, run ethanol free fuel if you can find it and the volume will be reduced dramatically as it is often caused by water in your fuel being deposited in the crankcase due to blow by.
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