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Leatherique Seat Restore Project. Before and After pics!

I used the Leatherique Kit #2 (16oz of each liquid) and the whole thing took my girlfriend and I about 6 hours over 3 evenings to complete. I'm very pleased with the results. Let me know what you think?

Passenger outside upper bolster, BEFORE:

Passenger outside upper bolster, AFTER:

Passenger outside lower bolster, BEFORE:

Passenger outside lower bolster, AFTER:

Passenger inside lower bolster, BEFORE:

Passenger inside lower bolster, AFTER:

Passenger inside upper bolster, BEFORE:

Passenger inside upper bolster, AFTER:

Driver inside upper bolster, BEFORE:

Driver inside upper bolster, AFTER:

Driver inside lower bolster, BEFORE:

Driver inside lower bolster, AFTER:

Driver outside lower bolster, BEFORE:

Driver outside lower bolster, AFTER:

And as everyone knows, the worst of the worst... Driver outside upper bolster, BEFORE:

Driver outside upper bolster, AFTER:

Overall before:

Overall after:
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