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"Stereo system

The stock system consists of a tape deck, CD Changer (optional), amplifier/crossover (a four channel amp, and it is ~20 watts/channel, amplifying ~5 WPC that the head-unit produces. The 10 channels mentioned so frequently are actually just the speaker-level outputs of the passive crossovers (which are inside the factory amp box, arguably not a very good place for them). BMW calling it 10-channel is an example of "peak marketing." ) located behind the carpet on the left corner of the trunk, and 10 speakers:
Two 5.25" midbass in the front kick panels.
Two 3/4" tweeters in the door pillars and two 2.5" midrange in the dash.
Two 5.25" midbass and two 3/4" tweeters in the rear shelf.

If you are not happy with the sound, there is some options: ADS Stereo upgrade PDF FILE
I want more base:
Adding a subwoofer only.

I want a cleaner sound and I don't want to touch the amp:
Changing the speakers only (not much improvement).
Changing the radio only (not much improvement).

I want a cleaner sound and more power:
Changing the amplifier / crossover. Soon

I want a killer sound and want to change everything:
All the above + new radio installation. Soon

Whatever you do, the wiring of the E34 stereo is strong enough to take the power, no need to change it, but if you change the whole system, you will have to run an RCA cable.

The problem with the BMW OEM stereo is that the crossovers are located INSIDE the amp (which is mounted in the driver's side rear quarter panel behind the trunk carpet). There is no way to get a full range signal from the amp. The preamp signal from the head unit goes into the amp and then 10 crossed over signals come out of the amp for the speakers
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