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Originally Posted by AceFX View Post
Hi Burgermeister,

In the first instance I was 'experimenting' with them (guessing if you like) to see what change did what. As time has gone by I have been slowly coming to an understanding of what the codes do and what a change will affect. So I am slowly but surely developing a database. I know now which lines of code affect what, but it is working out the many variances that is taking longer.

It would be so much easier and quicker if I had a reference list to work from, but after seeing what Politby has posted, it has prompted me to think in a new direction.

Ace someone has already done all this hard work with NCS. When you read a module with NCS one of the files you get is an ASCII file called NETTODAT.TRC which has all the lines 3002 etc with values just like you can see in dash soft. NCS however also produces FSW_PSW file which has all this ASCII coding translated into english options that can simply be activated or deactivated. There is no need to reverse engineer with NCS. It is easier to code with the dashsoft gui but working with ASCII coding changes is problematic.

If you really want to understand which options are affected by which change you can read a module in NCS, save the NETTODAT.trc file created with your ASCII values, then you can make a change using the English options in the FSW_PSW.trc file and the write that change to the module. You can then read the module again and look at the newly generated NETTODAT file to see what ASCII values got changed to make the option changes you did in the FSW_PSW file. Since you would know what option you enabled in the FSW file you can compare your original and new NETTODAT file to find out what the ASCII changes were in all lines and positions for that particular option.

Edit* just noticed this was already explained earlier in the thread...please ignore.

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