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leftover red connector

WOW! Excellent thread!. I just took apart my drivers door last night to find out why my window was making a horrible screeching noise when it opened or closed and I was starting to get a scratch on the outside of the glass. I had been using the window but then the other day my inside door handle broke off, and I couldn't put it off any longer. Opening the rear drivers side window and reaching out the back window to open the front door from outside was getting old fast.

Turns out one of the regulator attachment screws had backed out and was rubbing against the glass. I got lucky on this one and got away with an easy, free fix by just tightening the screw. Had to take the glass out to get access though.

Problem is, now I'm putting the door back together and I have an extra electrical connector I don't know what to do with? Does anyone know where the red connector in the picture attaches? I don't remember unplugging it when I took the door apart, but I don't remember seeing an extra, un-used connector either.
You can see the red connector in the picture just above and to the right of the speaker. You can also see the connector in post 10 above, pictures 31-33. Is this red plug just extra? Or what does it plug into?

My car is a 2000 528i with basic non-DSP stereo.

As a side note, I had an extra, un-used white connector in front of the blue connector on the speaker box.

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[*]At this point, you can fully access the insides of the door, if you wish to lay the door panel off to the side. Or you can continue to disconnect wires so as to totally free the door panel.

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