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I'm on my 3rd 750Li and finally I made sure that this latest one (2012 750Li) had BMW APPS (6nr package I believe- PRE installed). And to answer some questions.

1). Yes, you can view your iTunes library using the cover flow. However, those of you who have BMW APPS and haven't been able to get it to work should try this. First you need to download the connected drive iPhone app from app store. It's free. Second, you will need the MEDIA cradle snap in adapter (as mentioned above by an earlier poster). Once you snap in the adapter; you will then need to plug in your iPhone Into the cradle AND while it is In the cradle, you will need to launch the BMW connected application. Once it syncs up with your car you will then be able to use iTunes as described above, as well access to Facebook, web radio, your phone contacts and calendar appointments. I have tested all of these features using an iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 using the MEDIA cradle adapter, and both work as advertised. Also, please take note that these features are only available while the phone is in the cradle AND BMW connected is running. Do not worry, text messages and phone calls (in a. Outgoing) are NOT affected. Also, The video that is ON my iTunes Library plays just fine on the screen, and I can use iDrive to select the video, BUT IT ONLY WORKS while the car is in PARK. I don't have DVD in Motion installed and NOR do I want to have it installed. I already have a DVD bypass on my Escallade with an Alpine DVD touch screen Nav Unit, and I will be perfectly HONEST with you guys,.... It is realky COOL, BUT it is an accident waiting to happen. But each of you must make that decision for yourself, you're all adults.

2). BMW Office: first, BMW made it perfectly clear in the website that the full office features, such as texting and email, where not available on ANY version of the iPhone. I suspect it's an Apple issue. My SA told me that some of his other clients who MUST (for whatever reason) be able to access text and email via the iDrive and OFFICE feature, while driving (yes the car WILL read the email to you), are buying Blackberry's with like 50 minutes a month (really cheap) but with A BIG DATA plan. They then add the blackberry as a 2nd phone to the 7 series and when they wanna email, or text, they simply go to the phone menu and switch the main phone from the iPhone to the blackberry. The 7 allows you to sync multiple phones to the same user profile. Since I get about 50 work emails a day, I'm seriously considering buying a blackberry, but with the release last week of BMW REMOTE (YES it works perfectly and as advertised, if yours doesn't, its because you don't have BMW Apps or you failed to set it up and sync it properly... But that's off topic). But anyway, I'm hoping Apple and BMW can come come up with a software upgrade soon to make the email and text feature available via the iPhone soon.

P.S. if you are buying a new or used 7 series, and you want BMW APPS and/or full-true iPhone integration, you need to be careful. A lot of sales guys lie to you OR they honestly but mistakenly believe your car can you what you are asking it to do, in relation to iPhone, iPod integration. So DO NOT SIGN on the dotted line until the your sales guy walks over to the parts department, snaps in the MEDIA cradle and you sync your iPhone or other mobile device and be sure that BMW APPS does what you expect it to do and what the sales guy told you it would do. The features available on BMW Apps are heavily dependent on what brand/model of mobile you have. So be mindful. Since 2007 when I bought my 1st 7 series these forums have always been full about WHEN will BMW provide a Retrofit for your model car to make it fully iPhone compatible. And with the exception of some weird after market Mods, please correct me of I'm wrong, but BMW thus far had not retrofitted anything. You either orders the 6nr package when you bought your car brand new, or the guy who bought it first did so and and now you're the lucky new owner of a properly outfitted CPO 7 series.

Cheers my friends. I hopes this helped someone. :-)

Mr Mojo Rising
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