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Originally Posted by p88c View Post
I'm about to graduate college and want to purchase an M3 in Laguna Seca Blue.. I cannot find a single one anywhere in the country.. I'd rather it be a convertible but really have no preference.

I've really only seen one for sale in the past year or two when I looked.. it was really high mileage though.. So how rare are these? Now that I'm in the market for one, could it take years to find a decent one with low mileage? Anyone know about how many are out there?
Not sure of the exact number of them built, but they come on the market from time to time; at least it certainly won't take you years to locate one. I'm also a fan of that color on the E46 M3. is a good source to watch; also Enthusiast Auto seems to have a good reputation and gets Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3's in from time to time. Enthusiast Auto might even be able to help you locate one if you contact them directly and tell them what you're searching for; they might have resources for locating specific vehicles that would not otherwise be available to an individual like you or me.

Of course, if they (or any other specialty dealer) go to all the trouble of finding one for you, the expectation is you will buy it from them as well... So it might put you at something of a disadvantage in negotiating price unless you specify up front what you're willing to pay...

Good luck!

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