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Originally Posted by CTBimmerGuy View Post
If you like a stiff ride, and I do, then you might like the Bilstein's especially if the roads in your area are in pretty good condition. If you want something sporty but softer to handle pot holes and rough spots here and there try Pelican Parts. They have a nice selection of Koni's and OEM replacements. Personally I loved the Bilstein's I had on my 99M3. When I sold that and bought my 98 M3 I didn't want to spend that kind of coin on shocks again so I went with OEM front struts which are nice for every day driving but they aren't Bilstein's and you realize that when you really lean into a turn. But I paid about half of what the Bilstein's would have cost and times are tough. Good luck.
Then you clearly don't understand the function of the different parts of a suspension...
Shocks/struts really have very little to do with the amount of body roll.

Springs control the amount of weight transfer. Springs hold up the car.

Shocks/struts control the rate of weight transfer, and control oscillations. Stiffer transfers the weight quicker, softer is slower. Too soft and they can't control the spring and the car will wallow around. Too stiff, (Bilstein), and the spring can't do it's job of riding over imperfections. (potholes and expansion joints are a good example)

anti roll bars control the body angle/roll, and act as springs.

I'm NOT saying that Billy's are a bad design, the design is better than Koni's old technology. But I am saying that the excution of the Billy for the E36 M3 was not well done. The high speed vavling is just wrong, and makes them very harsh on sharp bumps.
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