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getting the bad feeling we're going to have to get lawyers involved. really don't want to have to do that. monday they said they were going to put another mechanic on the car, today they say they can't just change mechanics. bull****. oh maybe its because we requested a certain mechanic - someone whom we were told is the only one who know wtf he's doing.

any thoughts on how to get BMWNA to terminate the lease? i have called them a couple times and all they offer to do is contact the dealer where it's being serviced. i've expressed to the dealership, since the beginning of this fiasco back in january, that i'd gladly order another one if they'd terminate this lease. there is a bmw regional representative involved so i'm praying that since this recent inability to fix or properly diagnose the car they will use their brains and terminate the lease. they have already had to spend just under $20K in parts/labor - and the damn thing still doesn't run. i cannot understand their line of thinking.
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