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Rear spoiler / washer jet

Hi Peter, thanks for this post, I have EXACTLY the same problem.
In my case, one of the front pipes and the rear had come off the jets - I presume due to the recent icy cold snap. The front jet was easy to re-fit but I was scratching my head about the rear one!
I've found the 3 bolts but haven't managed to get the trim off yet for the others as seems difficult to prise off??
Will try again in the morning!
Cheers for the post


Originally Posted by PeterVanstone View Post
Hope this helps - my rear washer stopped working recently because the pipe had blown off the back of the spray nozzle that is set in the rear spoiler on the top of the tailgate. It blew off because the nozzle frove and the pressure pushed the pipe off the back of the nozzle. No water comes in the car and it can run down the sides of the tailgate so it's difficult to see. I couldn't see the water that was pumping out into the spoiler. It is easy to remove the spoiler - one row of bolts are behind round bungs and to get to the others you need to take off the trim around the tailgate window. The trim pulls straight off starting at the bottom on one or other side, but the clips can be tight and you need to be as careful as possible to avoid any breakage!
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