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Originally Posted by sunny43.5 View Post
Hi Edmonton you can close the roof your self just sit in the back seat with blinds open look under the rear glass you will see a metal fitting which has a tapered end on the front like a ramp you will also see a small hole in it . All you need to do is use a screw driver to push this ramp reawards do each side a bit at a time as the ramp moves the glass will close . Now remember do not use the roof again as the first time you use the vent position it will push the glass at the rear back up again and to close you will have to do the procedure all over again . If you wish to do the repair I mention yourself please send me your email adress and I will send you the instructions and photos it only takes five minutes to do and afterwards you will still have a fully functioning front suroof panel which will slide and tilt along with the blinds working . The fix only disables the rear glass leaving every thing else working normaly without the rear one going up and staying up any more . Regards Howard
Hello Howard,can you help me to fix my problem with the sunroof,please?
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