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Rear spolier washer jet


It is difficult to prize off - I thought is was going to break ! The fixing is a small rectangular hole in the metal of the window frame with a metal spring clip dropped in – then a plastic protrusion from the back of the trim pushes into the metal clip.

It grips it tight and grips for about 1-2cm as you pull the trim directly away from the frame. Use something wide to do the levering and something plastic if possible to avoid breaking the edge that you are levering. Best to do it when it’s not too cold as the trim is more brittle when cold. There are 3 fixings up each side and it may be a good idea to lever them all in turn as you coax it off.

If any of the plastic protrusions on the trim do break off, I reckon it would be easy to re-fix with a small self tapping screw and paint the head the same colour as the trim.

When you’ve got the bolts undone there are a couple of electrical plugs to spilt and a rubber bung to release where the wires pass through the tailgate to the spoiler.

Sorry if this is a bit late – if it is, hopefully you’ve got it done ok.
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