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F10 Engine chirping/cricket noise at low speed

Engine chirping/cricket noise at low speed
Hello, I built my 2011 550i Sedan in April/May 2011. A few weeks ago, at 7500 miles, I started hearing chirping (like little birds) or cricket-like noise coming out of the engine when I push softly on the gas peddle around 15 to 30 MPH. The noise is driving me crazy. It is not the turbo whistle noise, which I am used to and okay with, this is a new noise that comes on often especially on cold starts.
I took it to the dealer to diagnose, but they said they couldnít replicate the noise. Of course, it made a liar out of me. Of course, the noise came back the day after I picked it up from the dealer. I am not sure if I should take it to the dealer again to check it out. I already electively had an oil change service done at 7500 miles. I have about 8300 miles on the car now and I canít stand this noise to the point, I want to get rid of the car (even though I love the carís performance).
I heard the noise once after I parked my car in the garage and turned it off, but the fan was still running. Iím wondering if it is an issue with the fan and not the engine.
Has anyone experienced this type of noise? Any recommendations!
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