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Originally Posted by tyresmoker View Post
Would have NEVER bought the 2.8 if was 4-cyl powered. I cannot stand the noise.
As I have posted countless times, they are just noisy.
Even my dealer reports the new 528 is "nice, but you still know there is a 4-cyl up there, it is noisy"..his words, not mine.
I chose the Hemi in my car for the smoothness, not the power.
Regardless of power, that 4 popper is working ALOT harder to keep up with the smooth, fine six it is trying to replace.
Hmm, sounds like no more new X3s (or BMWs) for you then. The trend seems to be towards turbo for BMW lately. Just curious, would the new X3 be more noisy then a Jeep? I probably wouldn't like something more noisy than my Altima and 2011 X3 I test drove was a lot quieter.
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