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Originally Posted by mustaine View Post
I do understand your point. Just out of curiosity, have you driven any other M car besides E60 M5 or E63 M6? What I was trying to say is that when youíll spend some seat time in M5/M6 SMG and get to understand the car better, normal driving in city without mashing the pedal will come natural to you. Even then, one still have to shift beyond 3K rpm otherwise one will get this bucking or bogged down feeling from the engine all the time. In addition, shifting at a low RPM will also yield clunky shifts.
But itíll take some time to learn the nuances of SMG. Moreover, itís a V10 with a rev happy S85, it needs some winding to get it going. Thereís nothing subtle about it. Unfortunately Ö no magical SMG setting/s to give one low end torque for normal driving in the city.
IMHO, the challenge that you are having is comparing your current carsí twin-turbo with a low end torque to a S85 engine, which, only comes alive when itís driven like you own it.
Again, the magic phrase is - ďSpend some seat timeĒ and sees if it checks most of your expectation boxes.
I wasn't mashing the pedals the whole time. I also don't want to have to manually shift every time I get behind the wheel. May as well buy a manual at that point.

I wasn't asking for low end torque or power. All I am asking for here is normal around town driving without the trans acting like a pile & throwing any normal driving enjoyment right out the window.
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