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Originally Posted by smolck View Post
With all the money you will make in parting out what you don't keep, you could easily pay for the body kit. At the very least you gotta seriously consider the Mtech 2 front bumper. It just wouldn't be a ZHP Wagon without it.
It's a possibility, but I kinda like the stealth idea...a LOT

I was also thinking, when you get the car, maybe we can work out a deal on me sending you my front wheels for that cars rears? I want square, one way or another.
That could work, for sure.

I wish you lived closer. I would love to lend my time and effort to this project. Talk about FUN!
The lovely and esteemed KrisL is actually flying out to spend a weekend helping with the swap and drinking copious amounts of good beer

Too bad the UUC lightweight flywheel/M5 clutch kit for the 6 speed just sold on fanatics for $750. You needed that
[sopabox]I will never, EVER spend a single penny on a UUC product, used or not. Rob has not only insulted me publicly and privately, but folks I know in the racing community that are FAR better resources on how to properly do things. Plus, his clutch/flywheel kit is really not all that outstanding. His standard response to issues that come up are "you're installing it incorrectly". It might occasionally be the case, but when he tells this to say, a guy who builds some of the best race motors on the west coast, or a guy that was asked to help define rollcage safety for NASA and BMW CCA, it doesn't wash. I could go on for an extended period of time, but I won't. (though I suppose I did)[/soapbox]

Building a ZHP wagon... click the pic!!!
Because BMW wouldn't do it for me
For Sale - HUGE part out of 2005 ZHP sedan
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My input is that ffej knows what he's talking about .
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