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Originally Posted by Nube1kenobi View Post
I had the same issue before except on the opposite side. All the bulbs were good but the connector shell was burnt due to sparking and arcing on the brown and white wire terminal - very high resistance, possibly just barely making contact. The dealer replaced both the male and female connector shell and all is well again. Keep an eye on your issue. Mine started with the turn signal failure, then brake, then reverse light... they kept cycling all over. When I looked, the connector was toast and that brown/white terminal was loose (possibly bad insertion) and burnt. You would think that somethng like that would pop a fuse but never did... and all the bulbs were good.

I just had this problem bite my right side. Just like you said, the harness (female) part is melted, and 2 of the leads are loose.

One of them is the "Brown" the other looks like the brown/white you allude to

No way I'm letting the dealer fix this, no telling how much they charge. I'm certain I could do this myself but I have 2 questions:

1) I saw in another thread you mentioned one of these problematic leads is the ground. Which one? Could I just break that one lead out of the harness and ground it somewhere in the trunk?

2) Am I going to have this same problem on the driver's side? Anything I can do to prevent it?
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