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I appreciate all of the information. I am on my way to pick up the car now and I'll be able to see what the old plugs looked like. I'm somewhat mechanically inclined, but nothing like most of you guys and interior engine stuff is beyond me. When Tom Carr mentioned this oil in the spark plug hole trick, I had a hard time understanding what that would do, but he has been right on a bunch of other things and has learned quite a bit in his 26 years working on BMW's. The shop tried it this morning and it didn't change anything - check engine light flashing, misfire still showing on cylinder #6. I am going to bring it home, take a few deep breaths and dive back into the forum when I have time to really digest and understand what I'm dealing with. I just can't believe it went from not smoking, not using oil and running fine to a dramatic compression loss in such a short time. Thanks for your input and I'll report back!
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