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Unlike you 6'+ guys my 5'10" doesn't notice high, low or tilted seat so long as the angle between the seat and back rest is 90-100 degrees (like your in a regular chair). The lumbar is mighty touchy though, it takes a while to find where it fits in the hollow of the back and then get it inflated to the point that the space is mostly filled in-but not so much as you can notice - so you can do a little slumping, like we guys so often do when sitting. The other adjustment that can cause major pain is the seat leg extension. I find that as long as I don't go past the point -with the front edge of the cushion- where you can first feel the tendon at the back of the knee (usually about 3" back/up from the joint itself) then everything is cool, otherwise it gets sore real quick. Also agree with the 30 degree bend in the knee as the best feeling and long term comfort angle. Unlike others here, when I'm close enough to do the lazy American drape of the wrist over the top of the wheel with my head against the seat then I'm so close to the wheel that doing a quick dial for maneuver is impossible - I back off so that 280 degree turn with one (either) hand can be done without hitting wheel, gut or anything else.

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