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Originally Posted by dablk1 View Post
Well I fixed all of the leaks. The hose pees like no ones business. I'm uncertain about the year of the water pump and such. I have a 2002 with 102k on the clock.
This is how it started in my case:
No heat, but if you rev the engine it will get hot:
Diagnostics showed broken electric pump, replaced it, got heat, but the car was running hot.

Ok, mechanic noticed that lower radiator hose was always cold like tstat was stuck closed, he tried to bleed the system lots of times- no result.
If everything is ok with cooling system, your lower hose should get hot when car is ~105C and aux fan kick in, if it does not happen it means you have air in the system or leak.
Mine was always cold even the car was 110!
Now everything works great 103-105 working temp and then the aux fan kicks in.

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