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My New Z4 detailing

I have been a hobbyist/ detailer for years and was excited to do my new Z4. I was interested to see how "clean" the car would come from the plant, as this never saw the dealer lot and was not washed by them - on my request. There are a huge amount of good waxes - Meguires, Collinite, polymers but the latest technology I love is call "wipe on walk away" products - no buffing. This not a scam or ploycoat or some crap but high end stuff made by most everyone now. The real advantage is you don't buff at all, and have white stuff around the Roundel and in door jambs anymore, just unbelievable gloss. It leaves no white crap on your trim for you to scrub out.

Well the car was dirty. It had paint contamination - you check by putting your hand in a ziplock and feeling the paint. If you feel bumps, it needs claying.

So I clayed and rewashed with dawn detergent to get the surface free of all oils. And yes, for complete stripping, there in nothing better than Dawn.

Currently I am using the Blackfire products but another good one is Ultima. Blackfire Total Polish and seal is very unique. It is a sealer and polish in one, that dries almost to a gloss, no real buffing. You just rub it in and it disappears. Then comes their Crystal Seal which is just wiped on with a microfiber brick they supply - no buffing - it is done 30 secs after it hits your paint. Do the wheels too. Brake dust flies off them with a hose.

The results are fantastic and it lasts 4-6 months in the Florida sun. Follow up with car wash soap every week or so with a quick spray of their Poly spritz. All this can be done by hand, an orbital with a green pad is better for the polish.

Blackfire stuff here - not pushing it, Ultima stuff is also good:
'12 Z4 2.8 - Melbourne Red
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