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$20 Garmin Map Europe NT SD Rental $50 Nav Rental

Okay... I 've been doing this for a few years now and this will be my 4th revision.

I now have the capacity to sustain and to meet the demand to serve everyone requesting for the rental service and I have made a certain adjustments. You will ALWAYS get the updated map for the unit and it will work without exception. That is my promise! :-)

I will put it very simple...

There are essentially 2 options to "rent":

1) The renting of European SD Card (The Map if you will) for people who has a Garmin Nuvi Nav who does not have the map. This Rental of SD disk will be $20 price to include Round Trip Shipping


2) The renting of a Nuvi Navigation system. This is for people who does not want to buy a Nav as they have no need for it under normal circumstance.

The "Rental" will be $50 to include round-trip Shipping HOWEVER Due to the weight requirement of current postal regulation, you cannot simply drop the flat rate package off to the Post Office mail receptor box. For this reason, a renter must agree to ship the nav back by ways of stopping by the post office. You must hand the self-addressed, Postage Pre-paid Priority Mail Flate Rate box to a person working at the USPS office counter for acceptance (You do not need to wait in the long line, just need to hand it to him/her). This box CANNOT be simply dropped into a Mail Receptor from US post office.

Please email me with your request at and provide me with the following:

1) Your Name
2) Your shipping address (perfer a place where the package is directed at you and no chance of other people taking it by mistake).
3) Your traveling dates, that is departing from and returning to U.S. date ( and not your pick-up date, as I need to calculate when to send the packge so it will get to you with time to spare and also when to expect the unit back).
4) your contact phone #, a number where I can call you just in case you forget about returning the unit )

5) Please specify if you need to rent the SD Card or the Nav unit w/ the Europe Map

6) That you AGREE to return the item to me within 72 hrs of returning to US. This is important as there are others waiting for the Nav or SD Card that you are returning. The sooner you return the items to me, the sooner the next guy gets it and we all would like to get these thing in advance so there is one less thing to worry about before your trip. Its all about being courteous.

7) Please specify the countries you are traveling to so I can schedule the right map for your request.

Bottomline.... If you need a SD MAP for the trip and you have your own Garmin Nav, $20 bucks !! If you don't have a suitable Nav and need to borrow one w/ Euro Maps for your trip.. its $50 bucks.

That is IT!! It doesn't get any simpler than that. Please don't email me and ask me if " Are you still doing the Nav thing.." Yes!! of course I am!! The post is here as a sticky... and so long that is the case.. the answer is "YES!!"

How you can pay me:

I get asked this question alot, so here is the simple answer, there are 2 ways we can do this:

1) You can paypal me the money upon my confirmation to your dates.


2) You can sent me a check when you return the package to me.

I think this is simple enough, don't you??!!



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