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Why does everyone accept that it's a problem on this 'high dollar car? b/c it's not a high dollar car! It's a used car that USED to be high dollar. It was built for the first owner and the 4yr/50K mile warranty or MAYBE the 6yr 100K mile CPO warranty. We who own these cars out of warranty have purchased a used car, warts and all without any predication of reliability or durability, whether due to lack of or even perfect maintenance. They will break and it will cost money.

Does anyone really think for a minute that the price of this car somehow makes it more reliable? HAH! That's just ab the absolute worst logic I have ever heard! Try using it on anyone driving an E65 7 series. They'll laugh in your face. And then they'll cry on your shoulder.

The problems with this motor- also found in the 745, 545 and the 645 of the day- are ALL over the place. The sunroof, too. Window regulators have been failing since the dawn of the company. My 1975 2002 has gone through more than 10 over 25 years- and has only 2 windows that roll. My 1976 2002 sunroof leaks. Every one of 'em has the same rust in all the same places.

I have been driving these cars for 25 years. E39's, E46's, this is my 2nd E53. Guess what? They ALL cost more to run than a car that was less than HALF the cost new. If the buyer of this car thinks they are somehow buying reliability that poor people could not afford, he has it exactly bass-ackwards.

This is the car of the rich who have absolutely no qualms with a $4000 sunroof fix. Why? B/c their fix is to just move on and buy a whole new sunroof- With a whole new BMW attached to it. It's the poor b@satrds like us who want to feel like we can afford a $70K car that simply need to man up and realize that the more expensive a car was, the more expensive it will be to maintain. ESPECIALLY a BMW.

We bought the car because WE wanted it. If we didn't think stuff would break- no matter how 'common', 'silly', or whatever else, then WE the owners- not BMW- not the dealer- not ANYONE but US. WE. ME. YOU. are to blame.

Yep. YOU.

Take some ownership in your ownership. YOU bought this car and if YOU thought it was bullet proof, YOU were wrong. And, well.. only YOU. And if you continue to own it even though these 'common' issues bug you or persist with the one you bought USED, then you are to blame yet again. If it's costing more to run than we get from it the decision is easy: Sell it and move on.

As for me, my 2004 4.8is has just under 22K miles on it. I haven't had much in the way of problems in the year I have owned it since I bought it with 11K miles. But you can bet yer sweet @$$ I am saving up for the next big thing. Or the next little one. It will likely go through a couple regulators like my 2004 X5 did over 7 years and 100K miles that I drove it. It may even need another alternator. But so what? Absolutely NO other car this size is going to provide what this one will at this price- even with silly things that break and ridiculously high maintenance items. I'm happy in my decision to own this car and I'm ready and willing to pay for it when it breaks. If I weren't, I wouldn't own it. And neither should anyone else.

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