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Originally Posted by AnotherGeezer View Post
Try not to confuse hate with ridicule. I laugh at dumb stuff all the time. Doesn't mean I hate it.

Narvin's car appears to have had a lot of thought put into it and it's a clean machine. Would I ever do that to my car? Not in a million years. Do I hate on Narvin just because he did it? Not in a million years.

Now if Narvin came in here after dumping his car like that and starting telling everyone that it rides that same as it did at stock height, he never rubs on anything, and his car handles like a Formula One car, then I might offer a few comments south of positive.
Thanks hahah I definitely do NOT think it is comfortable to ride in and handles well, but I don't drive aggressively so it's fine for daily driving, and for comfort, it's not really important to me because I usually tend to ignore the bumps in the road anyways as I listen to music strolling down the road

Originally Posted by CoreyMNK View Post
The indicator for the alarm?

OP, looks great but whats up with the drivers side rear fender? Looks like it got a little messed up from rubbing, or when it was rolled?

Yeah pretty sure it is too! hahah
It got messed up from being pulled, I actually got the car like that and didn't do it myself.. gonna get it fixed sooner or later when I feel like it bothers me that much
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