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Originally Posted by MeanM50 View Post
Wow man. Just wow. YOU wanted a smartphone that is able to bring you your social networks, email, phone calls...etc...and then you bitch about the fact that you have to SHARE this info with your PHONE and the APPS that need the info to function??? I know Cricket has some bare-bones CDMA phones you can FB, Skype or CIQ...get one...and stop being so paranoid.

That was the first thing, the next is: THE APPS VERY MUCH, DO LET YOU KNOW WHAT SERVICES/INFO THEY ARE VIEWING. Right when you hit 'Download' in the marketplace, another screen pops up that says 'Accept and Download'...before hitting that button like an ignorant fool, read through the rest of that screen. It very specifically tells you what you are getting into. If you are so worried, DON'T HIT THE FREAKING 'ACCEPT AND DOWNLOAD' BUTTON YOU FOOL.

And lastly, there are plenty of apps/tools that will allow you to 'custom tailor' your android permissions and (for example) stop FB from accessing your contact list...but...I have a feeling you will have some issue with that as well, so I will continue to let you be paranoid instead of showing you the way. Google it.
Please explain why Facebook needs to access all my emails to function Please explain why Facebook needs to access all my call records to function Please explain why Facebook needs to access my personal text messages (SMS) to function Please explain why Facebook needs to access all my personal contacts to function One should not need to sync their whole personal address book on their phone in order to use Facebook. Do you need to sync your contacts from Microsoft Outlook on your computer in order to use Facebook on a laptop or desktop If you use a Mac, do you need to sync all your contacts from Apple's Contacts if you use Apple's OS in order to go to Facebook online

I know that it specifically tells you what you are getting into, the discussion and debate here is whether or not these applications really need to access all these things on your smartphone just to function and why they don't give you the option to opt out. On the Google Dashboard you can log in and change settings to supposedly opt out of certain things. The option to opt out did not exist until people complained and if people do not complain we will never have the option to choose to opt out of what we don't want on our smartphones.

So is the senator a fool as well for asking the FTC to investigate

In his letter, Schumer (D-NY) asked the FTC “to investigate a disturbing and potentially unfair practice in the smartphone application market,” referring to New York Times reports saying apps on the smartphones can access the data without the owner’s knowledge.

From the link..

“When someone takes a private photo, on a private cell phone, it should remain just that: private,” Schumer said. “It sends shivers up the spine to think that one’s personal photos, address book, and who-knows-what-else can be obtained and even posted online – without consent.”
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