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Originally Posted by Jashley73 View Post
I'm glad this thread got resurrected. I've been experiencing low-back paint myself in the E30 and the E60, and kept forgetting to get on here and try it out.

I too am 6'1" on a good day, and my typical seating position has been as low and close to the wheel as I could manage, without my knees getting into the steering column. This means seat bottom tilted back (front end higher) with the seat-back reclined enough that I wanted to fall into the back of the seat. It's comfortable at first, but like many of you, not long after I was ending up with an aching lower back.

I've been experimenting with positions, and have been scooting the seat further back, with less recline on the back. Only two problems so far, and that is one, I'm having trouble seeing the tops of the guages when the steering wheel is in a comfortable position - forcing a compromise, and second, have to really reach for the shifter. (Non-sport auto. Really stinks for manual mode shifting.) All in all though, back pain is much better managed. I should be doing a 2-1/2 hour drive, (each way) this coming weekend, so that will be a good test to try out the new seating position. I'll let you know how it goes...

Haven't really considered the added visibility before - I'll have to play with raising the seat as well. Only foreseeable problem is not being able to see the guages as well. Again, I'll have to report back.

Thinking back though, I don't remember ever having low-back pain in my F-150, after putting 60k miles on it. It makes sense I suppose, as in that truck (with adjustable seats) you sit much more chair-like and upright.

Just to poll some of you though. Are any/some of you keeping your wallets in your back pocket still? Mine's a rather modest bi-fold, but I still notice a difference when pulling it out. (I'm not sure how folks with the humongous tri-fold wallets do it!) I'm now in the market for a nicer money-clip to carry in a front pocket.
Here's a nice front pocket money clip, I'm on my second one (different color) in 5 years:

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